Friday, February 10, 2006

Peer to Peer sigils (part 3)

Taking the concept of power-amplification through distribution in networks, I think it would be interesting to create a software client that allows "hypersigils" (as they are called) to be created. Collective/collaborative multimedia works that are shared on a private peer-to-peer (P2P) network, using special software designed for this.

Collaborative mixology in audio, text, graphics and video... Once a sigil is complete and "cast", it could be encrypted in a hash format, allowing it to essentially become a string of text which is shared over this network... Perhaps these sigils could be "tagged" with keywords, and an ever growing index of spells could form the basis of a magical AI egregore that learns from it's own magical consciousness. This consciousness is grown by feeding it sigils, and it's interaction with the world is through these sigils. The P2P network is not merely a network, but an AI entity, which has as a "subconscious" these encrypted sigils. As the sigils replicate and are activated on the network, they become more powerful.

Just a quick thought. I believe this is essentially my main idea. I am not quite mentally fresh today so things are a bit lazy in detail.

If anyone feels they want to run with it, do it! I'd love to see something like this.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Peer to Peer sigils (Part 2)

The general idea of a sigil is that of an ideogram/symbol, representing a specific intent, and implanted into a subconscious mind, causing results that are not tainted by desire/lust of results.

In my previous entry, I had mentioned the concept of a distributed sigil, not that the sigil is broken into fragments and assembled into a larger whole, but rather, that the sigil is already whole, but that as it spreads like a viral infection (a meme, as it were), it gains power. The individuals who see it, do not necessarily know what it means, but as they see this image, it reinforces itself in their mind.

This is, of course, just like any corporate viral marketing scheme... Except it's like an antithesis of it, because instead of implanting desire for a specific, known product, we would be implanting an unknown entity that seeks destruction of the system that enables these products.

Now, I am interested in the intersection of technology and spirituality, and in this context, of course, magic...

We have been given tools with the internet that surpass mere software. Static web pages have given way to dynamic, interactive pages (tech-neologists/marketdroids like the term Web 2.0), and we have already, since the late 90's had a tool for data distribution using technology known as peer to peer (p2p), it started with Napster, and moved to even more decentralized systems, where now we have something so radically decentralized as bit-torrent.

Before I get to the next point, I want to point out that a big part of the power of sigils is the forgetting. This involves destruction of the sigil in some form or manner. It can be by burning, or maybe locking it away somewhere, or ripping it up, or whatever.

Now, what happens if one were to create a sigil, a logo, through a digital paint program (something as simple as MSPaint, or as complex as Adobe Photoshop), how can one dispose of it? One can simply "delete" it from the hard drive. But, that still leaves a faint residue of data, which can only be truly "destroyed" by being overwritten multiple times with random data...

What happens, if we bring artificial intelligence into the picture, or more specifically, a distributed intelligence?

Seeing that I'm past my lunch hour, I have to leave it there... I shall return with some more of my thoughts on this.

I would also like to welcome all the new readers (all 2 or 3 :) ) I'm honored to be read by people... Peace out, y'all!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Peer to Peer sigils (Part 1)

A while back, I had thought about how to accelerate the demise of the American Capitalist system through magic. Reading Millenium by Hakim Bey gave me a clue in terms of distribution of information through the mediasphere as analagous to mana, or magical power... The more something is viewed, the more it is engrained and becomes part of our reality. Through manipulation of image in the media, our reality is altered according to will (of the ruling elite), and this is the modern definition of magic.

The idea occurred to me, that the distribution of money is a form of mana, and it's power is aggregated at the top. This is done by the power of interest, a mythological construct, which is especially potent when money is detached from any physical bearing (i.e. gold), that sort of money known as fiat (i.e. it is worth something because the government declares it to be so, and we all believe in it... which is, again, a collective illusion). Now, in the film "Office Space" part of the plot is a ploy by the protagonists to hack the computer system and shave tenths(?) of a penny off their accounting, so that each transaction wouldn't be obvious (due to rounding issues), but in the larger aggregate, money would be lost and transferred to their accounts... Something like that.

So, what if one were to create a "leech" sigil? A symbol that is designed to drain minute amounts of economic power from currency (current, another idea, the flow of power/mana), and storing it in a virtual/spiritual "bank", reserved for those who are NOT on the top of the pyramid. For the stones that are being crushed under the weight of the totality, the little people who are constantly being gazed upon by the all seeing eye of the masters. It could be made, so that all those who pass the actual currency with the sigil on it are protected by the spell. Considering that those in the upper echelons of society rarely deal with direct cash (I would assume, though I may be wrong), they would be less likely to gain protection from this sigil.

Slowly but surely, the drain on the economy would continue ever onward, helping to create a spiritual reserve of strength to those who need it when the time comes for collapse.

I've also thought about this process and combining it with something like Where's George, so that each time a person sees the sigil, they login to a site, and enter in the serial number, which is added to the database, and adds to the collective power/pool.

This leads me to my next issue of technology and spells, which will be part 2...